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Quality of the realizations and the service furnished to his/her own clients has allowed the Metal Tubi Ltd to acquire the trust of public and private companies that Metal Tubi Ltd have submitted to our company varied orders in the years. In a complex economic reality as that actual we are convinced more and more that success doesn't only derive from the pursuit of economic objectives, but also from the respect of the consequent social functions to the accomplishment of the working and entrepreneurial activities that the market calls us to acquit. Metal Tubi Ltd is an active reality in national and international field, highly competent in the circle of the prefabrication, installation and maintenance of Industrial fittings.


Our company has to the shoulders a history that lasts from three generations, during which, of father in child, the is handed down to know there and the knowledge of a fascinating job, that to realize and to build fittings and components for the sector of the Oil and Gas. The actual and future challenge is that to widen our own offer of products and services declining the paradigm of the technological innovation in a sector that is in rapid change. To this the owners have decided to combine a new business mood that sets to the center of theirs operated a new inspiring paradigm: the innovation and the quality of the products that must place side by side the respect of the environment and a service to 360°. From here the choice to widen the sectors in which the firm operates: filters & strainers, equipments & packages, industrial fittings and metallic carpentry, so that to constitute as unique interlocutor for whoever intends to realize or to modernize a technological plant, any is the application sector.

Why choose Us?

Filtri & Strainer

Systems of filtration are regulating whenever fundamental every makes them necessary the separation and the purification of a fluid. Our company is able of enginering and to build equipments and devices for the filtration to employ in the sectors Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Agribusiness and Pharmaceutical.

Effective Planning

Equipment and Package

The unities skids represent the basic forms of complex plants design systems, to employ both in the sector of the Oil and Gas that in the most disparate industrial sectors, guaranteeing trasporting and interchangeability of the forms themselves. Our company is able to produce and to plan unity skid and packages, also handling directly the assemblage in site.

Why choose Us?

Industrial Installations

The industrial fittings constitute the principal infrastructure of every productive establishment, they innervate and transport the energy and the necessary materials to the productive trial. Our company prefabricates and installs plants design systems in every industrial circle.



The search of the lightness in architecture is tightly correlated to the demand to reduce to the least one the structure of every construction; the steel is the best solution to get light constructions for a long time, economic and highly performing. Our company produces structural metallic carpentry, bringing the CE marking, essential expectation by the European legislation.


Our company, since its foundation, has operated according to the principal codes and national and international normative, from January 2015 is endowed with a Quality Management System conforming with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 to which we have connected all the Certifications required to operate in the sectors of the Oil & Gas and of the structural metallic carpentry and a System of Environmental Management based on the standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

Certifications & Documents

products made by Metal Tubi L.t.D. always correspond to the specific techniques and the applications fornish

Geom. Marcantonio Papili Engineer Marcantonio Papili as Responsible management water nets of Tennacola Ltd

in the years the company is shown reliable, precise and endowed with a good organization of the job

Ing. Maurizio Franco Engineer Maurizio Franco as responsible officer purchases of Angelantoni Test Tecnology
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The Company, as alway , has as objective to establish a single point of contact for the customer , providing products and services that meet the diverse needs of the customer and fulfilling all the needs of the construction site or plant.

Studi di fattibilità

Feasibility Study

The technical team of the Metal Tubi LtD, composed by professionals relating to different sectors. It is set as a valid support in the preliminary phase to the realization of a plant or equipment, supporting the client in the technological and strategic choices.



Our technical office is organized according to the logic of the transdisciplinarity, and it is able to face and to resolve tied up complex problem list to all the business sectors, always providing optimal solutions to complex problems that whoever is compared with the 'building' that is facing.

Assistenza Tecnica

Technical Assistance

For us, the cycle of life of a product doesn't exhaust with the sale, but it goes over, assisting the client during the whole useful life of the product with our services of technical support.

Where We Are

Metal Tubi L.t.D. is located in San Marco alle paludi (Fermo) industrial area, in Marche. If you don't know how to reach our company yet, find the road to you more comfortable on the map furnished in this page

How to find us:

From Porto S. Elpidio’ s tool booth, at the roundabout take the second exit , go ahead till the second roundabout then take the first exit. Go through the SS 16 for 1 km and at the first crossroads take the right interchange, go straight on until the next roundabout and take the first exit. At the next roundabout, take the second exit. Go along Via dell’industria for 400 kms until you get to our company sign.